Withe arrival of Uber in the City there are claims from Uber about being cheaper than the existing taxi services.

We are please to show  companarrison of Uber 'estimates' and the local standard trade rates for some jouney in the following examples undertaken by the B&H cab. Screen shots where available:
Brighton to Gatwick

Uber  Estimated £55 to £77

Average Brighton to Gatwick when phoning one of the company's  £45
Brighton Station - Top of Grantham Road

Uber Estimate £6-£8   Brighton & Hove rate £7.40 in heavy traffic
Brighton Station - Coombe Road

Uber quoted £7.10   Brighton & Hove  rate £7.20
West street Rank to Southover Street Phoenix hall

Uber Quote £5-£7   Brighton & Hove £6.40 Tariff 2
Pizza Hut Lewes Road to Regency Square

Uber estimate  £7/£9 Brighton Rate £6.80 straight run, no red lights