Labour Party Conference    Brighton 2017 Change Taxi Leglislation
What a fantastic show by the trade with loads of Brighton cabs doing several drive-by's sounding horns in support of the GMB National Day of Action.

We met with Labour MP Daniel Zeichner who is putting forward a Private Members Bill to reform legislation covering the Taxi/PH industry.

We also met Wes Streeting who is chair of the ‘All Party Parliamentary Group On Taxis” and has produced a report for national changes for the industry.

Thanks to Mick Rix.. GMB National Officer... Local GMB members for giving out leaflets...the drivers who turned up today sounding their horns and also our London Met cab drivers from the LCDC for coming down.

Whilst being filmed/interviewed by Sky News on September 25 2017 the day of the GMB National Campaign Day this happened (See Here
Now....although new Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi  offered a little 'apology today.... which was in stark contrast to the abysmal drivel from Fred Jones of Uber Head of Cities UK 'It's nothing to do with us it's everyone else’s fault'....mumbo jumbo whilst looking like a frightened rabbit staring at 5 ton articulated lorry heading straight towards him (is he still working for Uber?)... the fight is not over by any means.

Uber will now go cap in hand to TfL crying about how sorry they are (even after having five years.... yes FIVE YEARS... to get their act together).

However.... normally when someone is caught out they are just sorry because they have been caught... and they would have carried on until such a time when they are caught....

TfL will either stick to their guns or bow to pressure to use that ‘apology’ as an excuse to start a dialogue to ease Uber back into a position to give them their licence back. This will save TfL a lot of money to defend the case and additionally all the time that Uber would be still operating during a very lengthily court appeal TfL would be losing money.
This sum of money being lost is significant because Uber would be paying around £2m with the new fee structure.

TfL could very easily tissue Uber with a new licence tomorrow under strict specific  conditions...  None of which will help the local trades unless by some miracle one of those conditions is that Uber must geo-fence TfL minicabs from taking work outside of London....

Guess what.. I have just seen a pig fly!

However.. I would like to know what would happen to say a publican that loses his/her alcohol licence for serving underage drinkers?

If that publican then issues a statement the next day.. and even  gets supported by an arranged online Petition raising hundreds of thousands of supporters.. would the local licensing authority say to him... “Oh.. ok.. we can see you are really sorry... please stop crying.. come back and see us in a week and we will see what we can do to help you out”

Maybe.. but I very much doubt it because the publican has acted irresponsibly whilst having a duty of care. So more than likely that Publican would not get his licence back mainly because he doesn’t have millions to pay a high ranking group of solicitors... but he could go to London and get a ‘confetti’ TfL minicab licence....

So where does that leave us in the trade?  Well we are in a state of limbo now from the high of the announcement by TfL stating they are not going to re-licence Uber to coming right down again because there is terrible chance that Uber will be re-licensed....
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